Dog Bite Prevention

Don't Invite a Bite!

Dogs may bite for a variety of reasons... fear of a strange person, territorial aggression, protecting a litter of puppies, etc. Dogs who are injured or not properly socialized with people are also more prone to biting out of fear.

To avoid becoming the victim of a bite

  • Never approach a dog you do not know
  • Assume any dog you don't know, may bite
  • Avoid direct eye contact with aggressive dogs
  • Never disturb a dog who is sleeping, eating or protecting puppies

If a strange dog approachs you

  • Remain calm - do not scream or yell
  • Freeze and remain still. Avoid sudden movements. Above all, do not run, as this invites a chase
  • Turn your head away slightly, avoid direct eye contact
  • Be patient. Wait until the dog loses interest and back away slowly

If you are attacked by a dog

  • Seek cover and try to use any object you have to place between you and the dog - a coat, book bag, etc.
  • Try to stay on your feet
  • If knocked down, curl into a ball on your knees and use your arms to protect your face and neck

Report dog bites and dog-related injuries

  • Contact Animal Care & Control at 525-3400
  • In the city of Columbus & Worthington, call the Columbus Health Department at 645-6134
  • Any other location in Franklin County, call the Franklin County Public Health at 525-3160