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Meet Ziva

Ziva needs your love! She is very shy in new situations, and finds our big shelter a little scary. She is looking for a loving home with extra time and patience to help her feel loved and protected. She is very accepting of attention once she warms up to you, and is such a sweetie with a heart of gold! She seems to do well with other dogs. Come meet Ziva today!

I'm A Shy Dog! I'm still adjusting to this big place they call a shelter, so my behavior here is a little quiet and reserved. Once I'm in my new home, I may relax immediately and become much more social, or I may need a little more time and patience while I come out of my shell at my own pace.
Ask the Adoption Counselor to tell you more about Shy Dogs!

More About Ziva

  • Experienced Dog Owner Only
    Experienced Dog Owner Only
  • No children
    No children
  • OK with Dogs
    OK with Dogs
  • Shelter Favorite
    Shelter Favorite
  • Shy Dog
    Shy Dog
  • Wallflower


  • Kennel: 1171
  • ID: 112927
  • Location: REAL LIFE
  • Age: 3.1 Years
  • Breed: Cane Corso (Mix)
  • Adult Size: Extra Large
  • Weight: 71.8 lbs
  • Sex: Female (Spayed)
  • Adoption Amount: $ 18

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