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Meet Nala

Nala just wants to be by your side! She's a sweet senior gal who can't wait to have a loving forever family who she can live out hr golden years with! She enjoys exploring, and would love to go for walks. At the end of the day, she'll cuddle up and be by your side wanting love and attention. She knows sit, down, shake and roll over! She would need to meet any furry friends before adoption.

Constant Companion
Looking for an emotionally secure, mutually satisfying, low maintenance relationship? I am all you need. Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I'll be your devoted companion forever.

More About Nala

  • Constant Companion
    Constant Companion


  • Kennel: 1005
  • ID: 109138
  • Location: FEATURE DOG
  • Age: 10.1 Years
  • Breed: Large Mix Breed (Mix)
  • Adult Size: Extra Large
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Sex: Female (Spayed)
  • Adoption Amount: $ 18

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